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Self-Understanding Course (VIP Class)

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    About the course:

    Your way to understand your depths, your self and your feelings, and get rid of the distractions of inner self-mystery

    1 aspects of the course

    1. Learn about personal abilities and talents
    2. Weaknesses are discovered and remedied
    3. Discover the power and benefit from it
    4. Discovering and investing features
    5. Discovering and solving personal flaws
    6. Complete the character deficiencies
    7. Expose the secrets of the self and its unknown mysteries
    8. And many important aspects of self-understanding

    2 course goals

    1. The subscriber gets the full course link registered in high quality
    2. An electronic certificate in PDF format, approved by the Wasm Center for Consulting and Training, in cooperation with the American University of Professional Studies
    3. Scientific material brochure in PDF format
    4. Luxury leather bag sent to the subscriber area and contains: 1 / A printed attendance certificate, accredited by the Wasm Center in Kuwait, in cooperation with the American University of Professional Studies 2 / Course material booklet 3 / One of the counselor’s books of the participant’s choice (Balsam Book / Personal Secrets Secrets Book) and a gifting site on behalf of the participant from the counselor

    Duration of the course / 3:43:24 hours

    In case of any difficulty in subscribing, please contact WhatsApp on the number: 00971507053445

    Self-Understanding Course (VIP Class)

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