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Emotions and Relationships Management (VIP)

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    About the course:

    Your guide to understanding and controlling your feelings and managing your relationships successfully

    1 aspects of the course

    1. Secrets of successful relationships
    2. Secrets that make someone who loves you follow you instead of following them
    3. How to control the noise of your feelings and feelings
    4. Ways to master emotional intelligence
    5. How to be an attractive personality in relationships
    6. How to choose between heart and mind
    7. How to question the dry personality
    8. Exit the separation spiral

    2 course goals

    The subscriber gets:

    1. The session link is registered in high quality via text message or WhatsApp
    2. The ability to watch the session from a mobile, laptop, iPad or any smart device
    3. The possibility of viewing the course more than once
    4. A luxury leather bag up to the subscriber contains:
      1- A printed attendance certificate accredited by the Wasm Center in Kuwait in cooperation with the American University of Professional Studies
      2- The high quality scientific course brochure
      3- One of the consultant’s books (Balsam / Secrets of Personal Science) from the subscriber’s choice and a gifting site on behalf of the subscriber from the counselor
      3- VIP card in the name of the subscriber

    Duration of the course / 2:34:27 hours

    In case of any difficulty in subscribing, please contact WhatsApp on the number: 00971507053445

    Emotions and Relationships Management (VIP)

    (العربية) محاضرة المفاتيح 8 للسعادة

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