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On behalf of Counselor Mohammed Al-Khaldi

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On behalf of Counselor Mohammed Al-Khaldi

Name: Muhammad Dahi al-Khalidi

  • Training consultant, founder of Elite Consulting Company, researcher in HR-pmp, author, motivational lecturer and expert in skills development

His upbringing and scientific life:

  • He started and completed his secondary education in the Sharqiya region, in the village of Olaya Village.
  • He obtained a medical secretarial from the Health College from the University of Dammam
  • Worked 8 months reception at Saad Specialist Hospital
  • Worked as an administrative secretary in a government hospital in Riyadh
  • Then he obtained a Bachelor of Laws with Honors
  • He moved to Britain to complete postgraduate studies on his personal account
  • After that he obtained a lot of international certificates and a master’s degree in human resources and a master’s in project management
  • Trainer in more than 6 British universities
  • Member of the jury of the arts of dumping and influencing in Britain
  • Provided many courses and partnerships with the Saudi embassy in London
  • Holds several diplomas in psychotherapy
  • Certified trainer and training consultant
  • A contractor with more than 15 local and international agencies
  • Consultant in development and innovation for several local and international companies
  • Trained more than 1500 Muslims and Muslims with the UAE Ministry of Education in the conference (Science for the Emirates)
  • More than 2000 Muslims, Muslims, administrators, and assistants were trained in effective influence in the Fifth Arab Gulf Forum for Muslims, in cooperation with the Ministers of Education in the Emirates
  • Training more than 26,000 thousand trainers and trainers in human development and skills development
  • Senior advisor to La Vista Real Estate Company
  • Author of two books (Secrets and Character Development of Characters and Balsam Book)

Among his most important achievements for 2019

  • Foundations of Elite Consulting Company
  • He provided more than 33 local and international lectures and training courses, locally and internationally
  • The number of attending its courses reached nearly 10,000 thousand people during 2019
  • Create a training platform for its courses
  • Create volunteer teams
  • Provided psychological, social and family counseling for more than 100 people
  • Provide business advice to entrepreneurs



He trained more than 1500 Muslim men and women


More than 26,000 trainers and coaches trained


Trainer at more than 6 British universities

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